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Where are you going this weekend? | Fusion MagazineHowever, there are two other venues that people seem to just blow off. Never underestimate or forget about EJ Thomas Hall, at the University of Akron, or your very own Kent State MAC Center. EJ Thomas Hall hosts musicals throughout the year, but they, too, have concerts.

Musica features a lot of pop, indie, punk, and some screamo. The newly opened Auricle, in Canton, is a similar hot spot. The Auricle only recently opened, and they’re already working on making a name for themselves. While the drive is about a half an hour, it’s completely worth it (also, being from Canton, I can tell you that This is not a painful drive at all and that Canton is a lovely place to visit). Lots of bands have been playing there, and upcoming shows include appearances by Ryan Humbert for a Halloween show and Lovedrug. The Auricle also hosts dance parties, some of which occur after concerts, but these are usually 21 and over. This is really a great place to see local bands that are on the verge, especially because the Auricle is almost always booked. If you’re willing to make the thirty-minute drive, you definitely won’t regret it once you’re there.

Paul Simon will be making an appearance there, and soul singer Dwele will be performing in the hall in the spring. And honestly, there is no excuse not to go to a concert at the MAC Center at least once. I’m not saying you have to go see someone you absolutely hate or anything (I, for one, am not a country fan, and so I won’t be seeing Dierks Bentley November 3), but if it’s someone you don’t mind or at least aren’t repulsed by, you should scope it out. I mean, it’s right there, and the student ticket prices are always reasonable. $5 for Bruno Mars. Okay. Why not. There isn’t much else you can get for $5 right now, everyone. You may as well go to a concert.

The very worst thing that could happen would be someone giving them their ‘Saul Alinsky Moment.’ While the mass of the demonstrators are mere useful idiots, rest assured that the organizers are disciplined communists who would just love to provoke the situation where some of the useful idiots were injured or killed before the adoring cameras of the MSM. The communists have three Things working against them: Thankfully, we on the right have kept our crazies, and we do have them, in check and there has been no violence even in the face of provocation at Tea Party gatherings and no agressive counter-demonstrations at various lefty/union gatherings. Secondly, the only place the communists can get enough people and media attention are big Blue cities.

I found this on Wikipedia about what the Federal Reserve is: ‘According to the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve is independent within government in that ‘its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government.’ However, its authority is derived from the U.S. Congress and is subject to congressional oversight. Additionally, the members of the Board of Governors, including its chairman and vice-chairman, are chosen by the President and confirmed by Congress. The government also exercises some control over the Federal Reserve by appointing and setting the salaries of the system’s highest-level employees. Thus the Federal Reserve has both private and public aspects. The U.S. Government receives all of the system’s annual profits, after a statutory dividend of 6% on member banks’ capital investment is paid, and an account surplus is maintained. In 2010, the Federal Reserve made a profit of $82 billion and transferred $79 billion to the U.S. Treasury.’.

While individual cops might well want to thump the vermin, their unions support the vermin and the political leadership of these cities are all castrati, Democrats, or both, so it is very difficult to provoke a ‘police riot’ to bring back memories of Chicago in ’68. And, third, it is very difficult to ‘astroturf’ a violent encounter. After the police and the National Guard, the demonstrators’ bete noir in the ’60s was the so-called ‘hardhats.’ Back in the ’60s, most unions and their members were vociferously anti-communist and the counter-demonstators were often unionized construction workers. These days the only remaining union construction workers are working for Davis-Bacon wages with lots of overtime on various publicly funded and ‘stimulus’ projects. They are pretty much the only employed construction workers in the Country. The unions have trouble getting them to come out to demonstrate for anything and if they do, they’re on the same side as these protesters. My youngest son is a union apprentice who just got laid off as the construction season is ending and he’s been shanghaied several times to go down and march with the local ‘occupy’ group. The union made it clear that if he wanted work, his participation was not optional. So, the organizers are going to have to find some grad student types to pretend that they’re Tea Party counter-demonstrators to provoke a violent incident; tough duty.

A conversation with Kent Jordan in New Orleans | Open Sky JazzKJ: The musical traditions are being fostered obviously through teaching these kids. Any tradition is going to be passed on from one generation to another. The reason why I think its important you hear teachers or politicians say if you dont know your history youre doomed to repeat it There is some truth in there, but theres some lies in there as well.

KJ: Well in that sense the reason why they should be passed down is because in a lot of ways New Orleans is the precursor to a lot of Things that happened in the United States. A lot of people dont know that one of the original market exchanges was here in New Orleans, the first American opera was produced right here in New Orleans. Having all of these musicians and music evolve here so weve always been a precursor of Things. And having this eclectic mix of all of these different cultures and different heritages is actually the precursor of what the United States is based upon. In terms of this beautiful mosaic, its not necessarily a melting pot, not necessarily as though you dont know who you are but when you look at it up close and you look at it from afar theres this beautiful canvas that has been created in terms of all of these different cultures, and music and food.

On one hand history does repeat itself, but the reason why it doesnt repeat itself is because there are people who are constantly trying to strive to do Things a little bit differently and a little bit better. And the beautiful part about jazz history is theres always been musicians like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, or Duke Ellington and even musicians that musicians dont really identify with that have always tried to bring something new or something different, or something old even, to whats going on and its just through understanding and self-awareness that a musician can actually be able to make a contribution to what it is that hes trying to do.

Nice addition to This class. With two top tight ends, Muschamp is building his roster (bigger tight ends, receivers and running backs). Dan Mullen could’ve built off of the existing roster (at least on offense), but Muschamp’s style of football means a transition.

Main Live Florida chat set for 2 p.m.

It’ll be interesting to see how he does once his roster fits what he wants to do.

Oh, The Things I've Done For A Photo | Photography by Kent ...I have a running list of dreamy, far-out, Christo-like, crazy, fun, creative ideas that someday I will probably create. For now, I’m able to park the big wacky ones, but usually it’s the medium-sized, somewhat do-able ideas that really get to me. The real problem with these fun creative ideas isn’t in their inception, nor when the final product is on display.

With this creative plot gelling, the elements began to take shape within seconds. Including the fact that there were now unsightly over-grown weeds surrounding the base of ‘My Tree’. A trip to our garden shed, a quick top-up of fuel and fresh cutting lines, and the next thing I know, I’m was trimming the weeds under ‘My Tree’. Mind you, this really isn’t MY tree. I don’t even know who’s tree it is. It’s in a huge field and I can’t tell who owns the land or the farm, but now I’m not only trespassing (oops, I do have that word still in my vocabulary), I’m operating a gas-powered weed eater and trespassing. My creative brain declares it’s all okey-dokey, because the weeds looked really bad and soon they and the whole tree will look much better. Perhaps I should be seeking help at this point.

No, those are the sweet times, when it’s all clear and rewarding and perfect. No, it’s all the time between the birth and completion of the idea. It’s in that time when I have to wrestle internally and say Things to myself like,’what exactly AM I doing, anyway.’ It’s then when I recite my favorite crazy-creative-artist quote from William Falkner ‘ ‘an artist is a creature chased by demons, he knows not why they chase him, and he’s usually too busy to wonder why.’ And then I simply keep moving forward.

Anyone Know:Do you think cats are ... - Autism Society of Kent CountyAs long as you always supervise your children when they are around the cats, it can be a good experience for them. Just remember that small children can seriously hurt a pet like a kitten. They can step on them, sit on them, pull their tails out of their sockets, hit them, any number of Things.

Op-Ed: TOD's First Alight on South Sounder at Kent Station - Seattle ...People who don’t care about walkability and transit will be indifferent to living in these apartments, but those who want walkability and transit will preferentially choose them. For a really successful example, see the neighborhoods around the DC Metro, and Reston Town Center which is not on the metro yet but is ‘rail-ready’. Once these Things reach a critical mass, they grow, and that encourages other suburbs to plant more of them.

Goodman is now making headway with the project. The developer was slated to demolish the original parking structure in early October, which is now complete. The City has resurrected its City Center plan through this developer, but with considerable revisions. The plan now no longer includes a hotel element, but rather a focus on modern urban apartments’and a whole lot of those at that: 164 units on the 1.89 acre site*. Retail will also be a small portion of the development, again on the ground floor. The structure will be a striking five stories, likely making it one of the three tallest buildings in Kent.

Burien, Renton, and Kent are all building town centers, and I hear Des Moines and Federal Way want to too. Look at the difference between how these cities are now vs how they were in 2000 or 1990. There could be a lot more TOD by 2021 and 2031.

Wisconsin and Oklahoma had bad weekends last week. Wisconsin ran off to a 14-point lead only to see Michigan State rally to tie the game and then on the final play of the game Wisconsin lost on a freakish Hail Mary pass. The ball bounced off the facemask of a State player in the endzone into the hands of another receiver at the 1-yardline who leaned into the end zone with no time on the clock.

Last weekend, the Linfield College Wildcats ran their season record to 6-0 with a comfortable 45-7 win over Pacific Lutheran. The Wildcats’ defense led the way holding Pacific Lutheran to less than 200 yards of total offense for the day. Pacific Lutheran now holds a 2-1 conference record while Linfield leads the conference with a 4-0 record. The conference champion goes into the Division III football championship tournament. This week, the Wildcats travel to play the Menlo College Pirates who bring a 5-2 record with them to the game. This is not a conference game for Linfield. Go Wildcats.

The officials missed the call originally saying that he had not made it over the line but replay clearly showed that he did and the call was reversed. It could not have been a pleasant trip back to Madison for the Badgers.

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