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Free Things to Do in Ohio - Hiking to the Moonville Tunnel | A Heart ...The hike wasn’t strenuous, but you do have to go up one hill that could be quite slippery in the rain. I was glad I had my hiking pole along. I think maybe it was about a quarter of a mile to the tunnel from the road.

We began our trip by getting lost. All the directions we found on the internet told us to turn onto Wheelabout road off of OH-278. However the directions failed to mention that Wheelabout road intersects 278 twice. Since the original directions were coming from the Lake Hope area, I guess they didn’t feel the need to mention that little fact. However, we were approaching from US-50 from the south. Unaware of the existence of another intersection with Wheelabout Road, we got spectacularly lost trying to follow the directions as written. Fortunately, we had our GPS so we finally decided to follow it to the Cemetery geocache and eventually got where we needed to be.

The Moonville Tunnel is quite a sight as you round the corner from the hill. If you venture through the tunnel you might want a flashlight to view all the ‘art’. The tunnel is evidently a popular hangout with the younger crowd if the amount of graffiti is any indication. We walked through the tunnel and continued along the trail a bit, feeling a bit lost in time. It is quite impressive, while also slightly creepy. Moonville Ghost stories abound, if you like that sort of thing. Read more on Things To Do In Ohio

Things to Do in Ohio – Tennis Tournament – Andre Agassi | The ...Things To Do In Ohio ‘ Tennis Tournament ‘ Lindner Family Tennis Center Image by Warren County CVB The Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio is home to the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters and Women’s Open tournaments. Some of the game’s greatest players ‘ Samprass, Agassi, Federer and more ‘ have graced these courts.Be there for the action, check out pro tennis in Ohio.

There are many interesting places to visit and fun Things to do in Cleveland: The Western Reserve Historical Society gives a fascinating look at how people lived in Cleveland in the 1880s, Cleveland Zoo has a variety of animals, featuring giraffes, zebras and warthogs, and another fun place to visit with kids is the Great Lakes Science Center which has 400 fun “learn by doing” exhibits. Activities around Cleveland include hiking or biking through Emerald Necklace, a sightseeing feast that consists of a 60 mile string of parks and garden areas. And some popular Cleveland festivals (not to be missed if you are visiting Cleveland during these months) are the Mardi Gras and St.

Looking for exciting places to visit and fun Things to do in Cleveland Ohio (OH). The waterfront of Cleveland that hugs Lake Erie’s shores has recently been revamped and is looking beautiful. New buildings like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and fun cultural district like Little Italy and Lorain Avenue, have become major draw cards for the city. Cleveland is home to lovely spacious parks, a diverse array of restaurants (Middle Eastern, Greek and Hispanic), vibrant nightlife (try the House of Blues or Agora which often have live music on the weekends), historical sites (see the National Historic Landmark), and right in the center you can find the Botanical Gardens and historic indoor West Side Market.

Patrick’s Parade in March, Cleveland Jazz Festival in April, Cleveland Wine Festival in June, and the National Air Show in September. Welcome to Cleveland.

Things to Do in Ohio: Visit The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium ...Boasting one of only three manatee facilities outside of Florida, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium houses these mammals rescued from dangerous circumstances. Some of the manatees will be cared for and benefit from the manatee release program. Others make their permanent homes in Columbus as they will never be able to recover fully enough to make it back out in the wild.

Besides simply looking at the animals through cages, the Columbus Zoo makes it possible to experience animals up close. Zoo guests may get personal by touching starfish in the tide pool tank, petting reptiles, feeding the lorikeet birds, or walking about the habitat of kangaroos to see if one will jump on over for an introduction. In the North American region, the petting zoo animals can be found in the boundaries of the barnyard. Perfect for children, guests may brush, pet, and sometimes feed the chickens, goats, and sheep who live in My Barn.

Either way, the manatee tank provides a fun opportunity for people to watch these lovable mammals live their lives up close. Each day a featured diver swims among the tropical fish and coral reefs, complete with commentary on this underwater habitat. Read more on Things To Do In Ohio

Free Things To Do In Ohio, USA - Free activities In Ohio | Travel ...Also, its capital city Columbus is a hot favorite spot not only for the Americans but for people around the globe. Once you plan your next trip to USA, try and include Ohio in the travel itinerary at least for a couple of days. USA being and expensive country to travel, it is imperial for you to plan your trip well and cut down on costs wherever possible.

It is one of the most famous places in the region of Cincinnati, Ohio. The fountain is one of its kinds and also calls for some fine architecture all around and a beautiful sculpture in the midst. The figurines are all made of bronze. Fountain Square is one of the ideal places to spend time and come in close contact with the ambience of the city.

I am trying to get a list of Things I MUST do this summer, I live in Ohio and want to mix it up with some fun Things to do besides cedar point or kings island. Things that are less known like maybe camping somewhere, or kayaking somewhere cool. Things that are relatively cheap or free.

I wanna just get out and experience the Things in Ohio that are little known secrets or really fun that I have not heard about.

Pujols Signs with LAA; Could STL Shoot for Rollins? | Phillies NationWait a second EricL. You mean, we should be looking at statistics, and how the team played for the season and not just what they did in a particular 4-5 games. But come on, Since this team is one year older, the team will be lucky to win 90 games (at least according to some ‘fans’ on here believe.) I find it hard to believe that the Phillies will not win at least 95 games.

Maybe you were watching a different team from what RAJ and most of the rest of us were watching this past season. The team I was watching scored the 2nd most of amount of runs of any team in the NL from July on’What happened in July. I was also watching a team that won 102 games in 2011. But hey they really suck right. Part of the problem with the 2011 postseason had more to do with the matchup. It is well documented that some players do better in a certain batting order. Throughout the 2nd half of the season, Pence The Phillies also hit cold spells at exactly the wrong time’The post season. in 2008, they went in as the hottest team in baseball. In 2009 and 2010 they went in as the best team in baseball, but NOT the hottest team in baseball. Teams do not win the most amount of games in MLB 2 years in a row and need a major overhaul. They won the most amount of games in 2010 and 2011 and slumped in the playoffs. ALL teams slump, just like teams get hot. The Giants in 2010 and the Cards in 2011 got REALLY HOT at just the right time, conversely, the Phillies slumped at just the wrong time. But hey, lets get rid of all of them. Ship them off and re-build because they slumped at just the right time.

Especially IF, Polanco is healthy and returns to hitting at least .290 (not difficult to imagine), J-Roll Re-signs (not the best offensively, but very good defensively, and a great leader), Utley is healthy to start the season and stays that way, Ibanez is gone and was a ‘corpse’ and the worst in the league, Pence will be with us the entire season, and we still have Halladay, Lee, Hamels as the top 3, and a mixture of Kendrick, Blanton and Vanimal. The phillies did strengthen their bench quite a bit with Thome, Wigginton and Nix, which all have power. I would say they would do better than Ben Fran, Ross Gload and Mini Mart honestly. While I would love to see Madson back in the bullpen, and I think Papelbon is being overpaid, and would rather see him for 3-4 years rather than 5, Papelbon is still one of the best closers in the game, stands up and takes the heat when he screws up, and was doing all of this in the AL East one of the best divisions in MLB. We will have to see about Contreras (another year older and coming off injury) Lidge will probably not be back, Bastardo did AWESOME until September ish time frame, and apparently started tipping his pitches. Will he go back to early form. It seems the bullpen is strong enough, expecially considering our starting rotation. But seriously. If Raul is that bad, and he is no longer with the Phillies, and Utley and Polly are healthy and we have Pence the entire season, I find it hard to believe this team will not score a similar amount of runs. Howard is the biggest question mark. He was already rather slow, but how will his power numbers be. Read more on Things To Do In Ohio

International Students Studying in Ohio « The International Student ...There are definitely plenty of fun Things To Do In Ohio, and the rest of this country’s fifty fun-loving and diverse states, especially for international students dedicated to make the most of their travel and study abroad experience. The trick is to be open to learning about the local scene from American friends, as well as be willing to do a little personal research as well. With ready and available access to internet, international students interested in studying and living in Ohio should have no problem finding fun Things To Do In Ohio, and depending on what city or section of Ohio you choose to reside in, their will be plenty of unique adventures to take on.

In Canal Fulton you can visit for the Annual Dead of Winter event. This is an opportunity to dine in a century old building that once housed a mortuary, saloon and grocery store. You will also have the opportunity to hear presentations on paranormal investigators and a psychic medium.

There are several Ohio events that are annually held in February. These events are excellent for seeing bits of the state that you miss by just visiting the large cities. These are great for weekends or vacations. In Sardinia you will find The Cabin Fever Arts Festival. The festival features arts and crafts from the Appalachian Artisans Guild and several guest artists. There are a variety of crafts and gifts available for purchase including stained glass, wood furniture, wooden toys, ceramics and Shaker boxes. There will also be several local musicians and traditional music as well as Appalachian style food.

They will also show you how to use ghost-hunting equipment so that you can do your own hunting in the basement after dinner. In Portsmouth you will find a new Native American Indian Art Exhibit at the Southern Ohio Museum. This is an ongoing permanent exhibit that brings history to life as you view the Art of the Ancients: The Ohio Valley. This collection includes 10,000 Native American artifacts that are anywhere from 1500 to 8000 years old. Admission is only $2.

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